Our Process

At Vashon Dental, we are dedicated to providing exceptional oral healthcare services to our patients. Our team, consisting of two highly skilled oral healthcare professionals, Dr. Rasmussen and our experienced dental hygienist, is committed to ensuring your dental well-being.

Comprehensive Oral Examination
Upon your visit, our dental hygienist will conduct a meticulous oral exam of your gums, carefully documenting any potential issues or areas of concern. During this examination, the hygienist will also take note of your overall health and any medications you may be taking.
Personalized Guidance and Advice
Our hygienists will not only clean and polish your teeth, but they will also provide valuable guidance on proper oral care techniques. They will discuss effective dental care practices, answer any questions you may have regarding home care products, and address any concerns you might raise.
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Thorough Evaluation by Dr. Rasmussen
Following the dental hygienist's examination, Dr. Rasmussen will perform a comprehensive oral exam of your gums and teeth. He will inquire about any changes in your overall health or medication usage. Dr. Rasmussen will review the cleaning performed by the hygienist, search for signs of oral cancer or other diseases, diagnose any oral health issues, and provide necessary treatment recommendations.
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Cleaning: Professional Plaque Removal
While regular brushing and flossing are vital for maintaining good oral hygiene, they are not sufficient to eliminate plaque buildup entirely. Our skilled dental hygienists employ a variety of metal hand instruments specially designed to remove hardened plaque called calculus or tartar. For a more invigorating cleaning experience, some of our hygienists also utilize advanced ultrasonic scalers that effectively clean above and below the gum line.
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Polishing: Rejuvenating Tooth Surface
Once your teeth have been thoroughly cleaned, we proceed with polishing to eliminate both plaque and stains on the tooth surface. Our polish contains an effective abrasive substance and fluoride that leaves your teeth looking brighter and feeling smoother. A small rotating rubber cup or brush attached to the dental handpiece is used to apply the polish gently.
Prevention: Personalized Care Instructions
We understand the importance of proper at-home dental care practices in maintaining a healthy smile. Based on the examination results, your dental hygienist will provide you with personalized instructions to enhance your oral hygiene routine. Please feel free to ask your hygienist any questions concerning brushing, flossing, or general care for your teeth and gums.
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X-Rays: Diagnostic Imaging, if Necessary
During your checkup, X-rays may or may not be required. Dr. Rasmussen will evaluate your oral examination, dental history, and assess your risk for developing cavities as deciding factors for the necessity of X-rays. Rest assured that your safety and well-being are our utmost priority, and we only utilize X-rays when essential for accurate diagnoses.
Recommendations: Expert Guidance for Continued Care
In the event that any oral health problems are detected during your examination, Dr. Rasmussen will provide you with the best possible recommendations for the next steps. These recommendations may include additional tests, restoration work such as fillings and crowns, or further oral healthcare visits tailored to your needs.

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