We've been keeping Vashon Island smiles healthy for over 17 years.

Whether it's improving the quality of life for adults, caring for children, or promoting better health for seniors, Dr. Leif Rasmussen and his team of hygienists and dental assistants have been dedicated to providing comprehensive and high-quality dental care to the residents of Vashon. Our top priority is to ensure that Vashon residents receive the best dental care possible.dedication and skill of Dr. Leif Rasmussen and his team of hygienists and dental assistants. Comprehensive, quality dental care for Vashon residents is our top priority

Our Commitment

The Vashon Island community  |  We are committed to providing personalized dental service to the Vashon Island community in a gentle, caring, and professional manner. Our goal is to create a calming atmosphere, with friendly staff and exceptional services.

Our Promise

Comfortable, anxiety-free care  |  Our promise is to deliver comfortable and anxiety-free care that meets all patient expectations. We understand that every patient has unique concerns, and we strive to provide a comprehensive and individualized experience tailored to their specific needs.

Our Motivation

We have a passion for oral health  |  We have a genuine passion for oral health and are thrilled to have the opportunity to give back through our professional work. Dr. Rasmussen and his team continuously pursue further education to stay up-to-date with modern dental procedures and treatment methods.

“Success is the result of perfection, hard work, learning from failure and persistence”

The Difference

Every patient is unique  |  Every patient is unique, and what sets Vashon Dental apart is our ability to provide complete solutions for all dental needs. We offer a comprehensive consultation that takes into account your medical and dental history, as well as your specific needs and desires. Our friendly and caring team ensures that each concern is addressed, resulting in the best possible dental care for every patient.

Ecological Impact

Protecting the local ecology  |  Vashon Dental is committed to practicing ecological dentistry, which reduces the environmental impact of dental practices and promotes overall wellness. We strive to meet the wellness needs of patients while also protecting our island and community health.

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