Dental Cleaning

Dental cleaning also referred to as professional Teeth Cleaning, is one of the fastest, most-painless, and simple things that can do which dramatically improves your oral health.
What is Dental Cleaning?
A quick and painless polishing which restores your teeth's natural color and shine while decreasing bad breath.
What do they do?
Gentlly polish each tooth individually removing stains, yellowing, and debridement if too much plaque has accumulated.
How long do Dental Cleanings take?
An average cleaning is completed in 45 minutes.
How long does dental bonding last?
With good oral hygiene, cleanings are recommended every 6-9 months.
If you’ve been avoiding professional teeth cleaning, don’t be intimidated. Take the first step to better oral hygiene and a better-looking smile by making an appointment today.
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Fast, easy, and anxiety-free Teeth Cleaning:

Although regular brushing and flossing at home helps remove food particles and reduce the number of bacteria in your mouth, some areas are difficult to clean. Like tartar (hardened plaque), certain kinds of buildup can only be removed using professional tools in our office.

“From the moment you walk in , everyone here puts you at ease.The staff are friendly and professional. Dr R is great and very knowledgeable, and my cleaning visits are smooth with extra touches like giving you shades against the glare of light!”
C. H., Vashon Island, WA

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