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Dr. Leif Rasmussen Believes in Conscientious Dentistry

As important as our commitment to the environment is, it will never supersede our commitment to protect our patients and staff's health. While we use plastics for minimal sanitary purposes, we continue to research alternatives.

Mercury Free
At Dr. Rasmussen's practice, we prioritize your health and the environment. We are proud to offer mercury-free dentistry, resulting in a smaller ecological footprint and better overall health. By choosing our services, you not only receive top-quality dental care but also contribute to the well-being of our community and planet.
Non-toxic Disinfectants
We have implemented an environmentally safe and non-toxic disinfectant that is very effective against viruses and bacteria. We produce the disinfectant in-house through the electrolysis of salt water. Hypochlorous acid is known as a natural germ killer.
Patient Health
Treating the mouth as it applies to the whole body and person, not as a separate part. We must think of the real person when treating dental issues.
Community Health
By treating the mouth in relation to the whole body, we emphasize the importance of patient health. We understand that oral health affects overall well-being. Our approach focuses on personalized care and addressing dental issues while considering the real person behind them.
Environmental Footprint
We strive to reduce single-use products and plastics, lessening our impact on both wildlife and the environment. What we keep out of our landfills can not end up in our oceans and forests.
Ecological Impact
We are eliminating harmful chemicals discharged to our water system, keeping our water clean and local wildlife happy. We all share our island’s resources. When we consider our actions and reduce our negative impact on the ecology, we can make a difference for years to come.
Minimal Single-Use Plastics
Choosing our practice means being part of a community that cares. We actively reduce single-use products and plastics, ensuring that what we keep out of landfills does not end up in our oceans and forests. Together, we can make a difference for years to come.
50% Less Water
With innovative techniques and WaterSense approved products, we use 50% less water compared to other dental offices. This not only conserves a valuable resource but also ensures a sustainable future for our island community.
Biodegradable Floss and Bamboo Toothbrushes
We offer biodegradable floss made from cornsilk in refillable glass containers and provide bamboo toothbrushes as samples. By choosing these sustainable alternatives, you can maintain excellent oral hygiene while minimizing your ecological footprint.
Water-free Oral Vacuums
Our advanced water-free oral vacuum systems eliminate the need for excessive water usage during dental procedures. By choosing this innovative technology, we conserve water resources and reduce pollution caused by water treatment. Learn more
Maximized Recycling
As many people do at home, we actively recycle and compost.
Digital X-Rays
Our digital x-ray system requires no chemicals and produces zero (0.00) waste.

Our Conscientious Strategy

We here at Vashon Dental maintain expectations set by our patients in both the quality and longevity of our treatments and procedures and their safety and well-being.

The Challenge
Most dental offices used single-use disposable plastics and commonly offered dental machinery and supplies.
•   Inexpensive and widely available
•   No government restricitons against use
The Solution
Vashon Dental has reduced the number of single-use plastics and switched to biodegradable and reusable products. We think long term with what we provide and the downstream environmental effects of our daily servicing of patients.
•   Ensure mercury-free and metal-free fillings and crowns
•   No use of inferior materials for purposes of internal cost-cutting
•   Reduction of our impact on the environment in all aspects of our practice

“Growing up in Tacoma and attending the University of Washington and Washington State University has made me very aware of the changes seen across our state over the past 40 years. These changes are why I have devoted my practice to daily efforts targeted at preserving our beautiful region, wildlife, residents, and patients. Preservation has been our belief and daily routine here at Vashon Dental since I became owner of the practice in 2006. I vow to keep this in mind for both our patients and our fragile ecology.”

Dr. Leif Rasmussen, Owner of Vashon Dental

Frequently Asked Questions

Are mercury fillings harmful?
No, mercury fillings can potentially release toxic mercury vapor. We offer mercury-free alternatives for safer dental restorations.
How can I reduce my ecological impact at the dentist?
Choosing a mercury-free dentist, like Dr. Leif Rasmussen, is a great start. We also strive to minimize single-use plastics and promote sustainable practices.
Are your dental products cruelty-free?
Yes, we prioritize eco-friendly and cruelty-free dental products to align with our conscientious dentistry principles.
Are digital X-rays safe?
Yes, digital X-rays use significantly less radiation compared to traditional X-ray systems. They are safe and provide high-quality images for accurate diagnoses.
How does your non-toxic disinfectant work?
We produce an effective non-toxic disinfectant in-house through the electrolysis of salt water. The resulting hypochlorous acid is a powerful natural germ killer.
What can I expect during a mercury-free dental procedure?
Our mercury-free procedures utilize safe and biocompatible materials for dental restorations, ensuring the health and well-being of our patients.


Switching to move toward a greener, more eco-friendly dental practice is not an easy task, but it's doable. Even a small effort on our part can have a significant environmental impact. If you're not a patient of Vashon Dental, please request that your regular dentist enforces these practices for both your health as well as local ecological health.

Enviromental Protection Agency (EPA)
Every day, dental clinics practice handle infectious, hazardous, and pharmaceutical waste materials. The dental practices are subject to strict federal (EPA), state, and local regulations to ensure the proper handling and disposal of all bio-hazardous materials.
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American Dental Association (ADA)
The ADA's mission is to help dentists succeed and support the advancement of the health of the public. We are guided by our core values, which include integrity, excellence, and a dedication to bring you evidence-based insights that empower you to provide quality oral care for all patients.
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