Vashon Community Resources

Vashon Dental + Dr. Rasmussen is committed to better health for all people in the place we serve.
We support programs and services aimed at not just making our patients healthier,
but whole communities too.

Community Wellness Resources

We offer information for programs and services in the local community who share and support care providers of standardized evidence-based patient care across the island.

Stahl Acupuncture
Curtin Chiropractic
Vashon Youth and Family Services
Full Circle Wellness Center
Vashon Pharmacy
Eyeland Optical
Neighborcare Vashon
Becalm Vashon
Vashon Community Care
Cathy Desmet
Shio Saki Physical Therapy
Vashon Natural Medicine
Remony Henry
Catherine Henderson
Prahm Vashon

Vashon Based Wellness Services

If you have a wellness based business you would like to list on this page, please submit it to [email protected]